Teaching Kids To Enjoy Gardening

Kids love to play in the dirt so why not get them into gardening? Gardening can teach kids where their favorite, and not so favorite, vegetables come from. It can teach them responsibility for something and it can give them practice for when they grow up and learn to budget their food money.

Get Up and Get Moving

Don’t let your kids spend the summer on the couch watching television and playing video games. Get them up and moving with some gardening activities. Kids as young as 5 can learn to help water plants and pull a weed or two. Give them their own little area to plant their favorite veggie and watch how proud they are of their plants.

Farmers Market

Take your kids to the farmers market and let them see the wide variety of plants that people grow and sell. Your little entrepreneur might well find a reason to plant even more vegetables once they see they can make a profit of their excess.

Identify Plants

Kids that learn to garden learn to readily identify plants of all sorts. From weeds to a tomato plant your kids will know them all. You’ll be amazed at how much your child can learn from gardening. If you homeschool this is an ideal way to do some botany for school credit.

Future Summer Jobs

Once your kids learn to garden on their own, they will be ready to help an elderly or disabled neighbor in their garden. They may not make a lot but they may learn some fantastic people skills while helping the neighbor in their garden. This is a great way to educate kids in helping the community.

Healthier Food

Gardening is a healthier way to supply your family with fresh vegetables. You don’t always know where that tomato or that apple came from. Your kids can be more in control of how their food gets to their table and whether or not it’s organic or grown using pesticides. Teaching kids to eat healthier is important and this is an excellent way to teach them.

It’s Fun

Kids enjoy having something to show grandparents when they visit. They enjoy being able to take pictures of their efforts. Kids enjoy eating what they’ve grown all by themselves. In the end, they get pretty smelling flowers and delicious healthy vegetables.

Healthier Diets

Kids that help in the garden are less likely to binge eat on junk food. Kids love munching on the carrots that they’ve grown themselves. Fresh radishes and tomatoes are yummy too. Fresh green peas are yummy and fresh green beans are too.

Staying active helps kids to stay healthier as well. There is less obesity in kids that help in the garden and play outside more in the summer months when school isn’t in session. Kids can learn to love gardening. Letting kids help in the garden gives them an education and an opportunity to help raise the family food all at the same time.


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