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Hydroponic Gardening

When most people think of gardening, they think of plants growing in dirt, but this isn’t the only way to grow plants. Hydroponics is another method to grow plants that doesn’t use soil. Many of you might be wondering how can you grow a plant without soil? Well, it is quite easy to grow plants

Organic Gardening and Landscape Design

When you?re planning you?re landscape in the desert, one of the best things you can try to do is to also plan on eating it. With water being at such a premium, many homeowners are planting landscapes that can also serve as organic gardens which will produce nutritious, chemical-free food while making their homes and

I Started Square Foot Gardening This Year

I was not sure if I was going to have a garden this year. I did some reading online and discovered Square Foot Gardening. I was very inspired by it and decided that it was what I wanted to do. I had my husband make me a couple of boxes. We did two 4 feet

Make a Living in the Gardening Industry

If you are the type of person that enjoys working in the backyard handling grass, plants, trees and shrubs, then making a living in the gardening industry might be ideally suited for you. It is very easy to turn an enjoyable hobby or pastime into a part-time or full-time career. Not only will you be

Organic Gardening for Beginners

The demand for organic products has become quite overwhelming in recent years. Wherever you go, many people are choosing to buy organic products over regular ones, whether it’s food, cosmetics, toiletries or cleaning products. The reason is that organic products tend to be much safer. They contain no toxins or artificial chemicals. When it comes

How To Start A Hydroponic System For Gardening

I am a self-confessed nerd and I am always interested in unique things. After discovering that I had type 2 diabetes, I changed the way I eat. I changed my diet from a cookie, bread, cheese and meat diet to one that was mostly based on veggies and lean cuts of meat. The more I

How To Plant and Grow An Herb Garden

There is nothing that improves the taste of a dish as much as being able to use fresh herbs straight from your own garden. It is very easy to start an herb garden and to grow your own herbs and if you are a beginner gardener, an herb garden is a great way to learn.

How Gardening Saved My Life

Gardening was never a part of my life growing up. I lived in the middle of the city with stone and cement everywhere, so the most I knew about gardening had to do with the parks, meridians, and what the neighbors could cram onto their balconies. I remember one neighbor grew a single tomato plant

Planting Container Gardens

Container gardens are a good option for those who want to have a flower garden, but do not have the space for a flower bed. Container gardens are also good for those who may have the room for a regular flower bed, but want some flowers in other locations, such as a patio, or a