What could possibly be better than a screaming monkey in a pointy helmet? 

I am calling him Gunter. Why the Germanic name you ask? Well, because right now, in Men’s Long Course triathlon, there are a couple of Germans that
are about as good as you can get.

In this case, I like to think that Gunter is coming into T2 so fast that he is yelling for the volunteers to “get out off zee vay!”

My name is Jason Eley. I am a husband, a software development manager, a wine drinker, a bacon lover, and a triathlete. The former is why the site is named Swim-Bike-Nap-Run, and the reason for Gunter.

The purpose of this blog has changed over time. It used to be bacon related, then humor related, then … well, related to nothing in particular. I still like all of these things, so I will continue to occasionally post about bacon, wine, food, and humor. The big difference now though, is I post about endurance sports.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Jason “Jeleyman” Eley